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How to Kill a Perfectly Good Lawsuit with a Motion to Show Authority in Texas.

Eric Fryar
You and your business partner are fighting. He hires a lawyer and has the company sue you. What's wrong with this picture? Why is our company suing me instead of him? How did he hire a company lawyer without my agreement? How can he use my company (and my money) against me? This happens every day. And, yes, its not right. Your partner didn't have authority to hire the lawyer. The lawyer didn't have authority to sue to. But you can send the lawyer packing and get the suit dismissed using this little known rule.
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10 Ways Texas Lawyers Malpractice With Minority Shareholder Rights

Eric Fryar
Texas law governing minority shareholder rights is complex and full of traps for the unwary. Texas lawyers get it wrong every day--frequently exposing their clients to further liability. Here are ten mistakes never to make.
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Topics: Corporate Lawyers, Minority Shareholder Rights
Fryar Law Firm Knows Shareholder Oppression-Knowledge Makes the Difference

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The Shareholder Oppression Blog provides timely updates and commentary on the development of Texas Shareholder Oppression law in the wake of the Texas Supreme Court's Ritchie v. Rupe decision, together with legal analysis of the rights, duties, and legal remedies in disputes among business owners in all types of closely-held businesses.

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Eric Fryar

Eric Fryar is a Houston, Texas business litigation attorney, whose practice focuses almost exclusively on shareholder oppression and similar disputes among business owners. Recognized as an authority in this area of the law, Eric Fryar has written, taught, and practiced the law the governing shareholder and business owner rights for more than a quarter century. He achieved the largest fraud verdict in the state of Texas for a group of minority shareholders in 2015--one of the largest verdicts in the country that year, and has recently published a law review article in the Texas Journal of Business Law on the future of shareholder oppression litigation in Texas.

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